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Seamlessly capture email address of every customer and engage them with relevant content.

What is VIPtexts?

VIPtexts will enable your business to seamlessly collect email address and phone number of every customer which walks into your business.

What after I have every customers email?

Well, what you do with that information is totally up to you, but we do have a few suggestions. With VIPtexts you can easily create deals, events and newsletters to engage your customers.

When can I email and SMS my customers?

You can email and SMS your customers with whatever you want and whenever you like.

Where else will my deals and events be marketed?

Besides being in your customers mailbox, your deals and events will be automatically posted and synchronized with your Facebook Wall, Twitter Feed and your Website.

QR Code Sign Up Flyer

Sign Up flyer with QR code
Customers can share their information by scanning your flyer.

Create & Share Deals

Deals On VIPtexts
Easily manage your deals from one place. Reward customers, track usage and measure statistics.

Email Customers

Market Deals
k Click one button to send a beautifully formatted email with your deals and events to all your customers.

Web & Mobile Marketing

Market Deals
Get a customizable web and mobile site where all your deals will be beautifully showcased for your customers.

SMS Sign Up Flyer

Sign Up flyer with QR code
Customers can share their information by texting to the number on your flyer.

Automatic Email / SMS

Market Deals
Setup smart rules to automate sending of emails and SMS messages to your customers.

SMS Your Customers

SMS your customers
SMS your customers with your message or market an existing deal or event.

Social Marketing

Your Deals on Facebook
Deals and Events created on VIPtexts will always be in sync with your facebook wall and twitter feed.