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Get a peronal SMS number

You get a personal SMS number connected to your customer's list. Your customers can text their email address to this number and they will automatically added to your list.

Get your personal QR Code

You also get a personal QR code connected to your business. Your customers can scan this code to join your list. By scanning they can also learn about your business and see whats going on at your business.

Get Marketing Material

We will send you personalized flyers, banners, posters and/or menu inserts to drive customer Sign ups. These will have your QR code and SMS information for your customers to easily join. These flyers will personalized for your business
Curritos_qr_in_holder Curritos_sms_in_holder

Social Integrations (Facebook & Twitter)

You can manage all your deals, events and flyers from one place. We will automaically synchronize all your deals and events with your social channels like Facebook and Twitter. If you change a deal or udapte and event it will automatically be changed on Facebook and tweeted.
Facebook_on_mac Twitter_on_mac

Personal Website

You get a beautiful, fully customizable Mobile & Web page where your business is showcased. It will highlight all your deals, events and flyers. And yes, it is also automaically synchronizes with your account. When you change a deal or udapte an event your webpage will be instantly updated automatically. No more calling your web design guy every time you update an item.
Website_on_mac Deals_on_iphone

Deals Marketing

With click of one button, you send your deals to your customers in our beautifully crafted, pre-templated emails. You can also customize the email desgn and add content to better suit your needs
Deals_sender_on_mac Deals_email_on_mac

Events Marketing

Having an event, create and share it with a push of a button. We can also collect event fees for you. Customers can pay your right from their email and bring their confirmation email to the event.
Events_email_on_mac Event_payment_on_mac

Text Marketing

Push one button and your message is on your customers phone
Text_marekting_on_mac Event_on_iphone

Automatic Email & SMS Marketing

Setup rules to email and/or SMS your customers for you. For Example: Setup a rule to send a SMS message the week before Christmas or send an email with a handful of deals 2 weeks after a customer signs up.
Setup_rules_on_mac List_rules_on_mac

Redeem Deals

Use our Iphone App or Web Application to redeem deals. Redeeming a deal will verify it and post the deal information on the customers Facebook wall. It also tracks the deal for analysis.
Redemption_on_mac Redemption_on_iphone