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Curry Club (East Setauket, NY)

Curry Club is an authentic Indian resturant in long island. They have been using VIPtexts to capture emails of their customers and to engage them with promotions and new items.

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Blow Hookah Lounge (Brooklyn, NY)

Blow Hookah has some of the most exotic hookah flavors your will find in NYC. VIPtexts enables them to seamless integrate their website, facebook and twitter marketing.

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Apna Bazar (Hiksville, NY)

Apna Bazar is a Grocery Store in Long Island. They have been using VIPtexts to capture customer emails and share their monthly flyers.

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Curritos (Manhattan, NY)

Curritos is the only place in Grenwitch village, NYC where you can get a fussion of burritos and cury in a wrap. They have been using VIPtexts to engage their customers and increase the repeat customers.

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Masala Wok (Hicksville, NY)

Masala Wok uses VIPtexts to capture email addresses of customers and send them deals directly. By sending direct emails, they don't have to pay companies like Groupon any commision and thus making more profit.

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Tawa Tandoor (Queens, NY)

Tawa Tandoor auto engages its clients using VIPtexts. Customers sign up automatically and they have pre-set rules which email and SMS their clients to always keep them engaged.

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Royal Bukhara (Hicksville, NY)

Royal Bukhara has quickly build up a dataase of customer phone numbers and keep them engaged via Text Marekting.

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